lolol i mean awww

This child is mine. She is my treasure.

I would rather... by my own hands...

[backdated to the 23rd]
look at this it's important
I ran into the weirdest guy today. He's like a hobo or something, I think, and he called Potato an alien. I said he wasn't at first, but then I just went with it. It was the funniest thing ever. He seems like a nice guy! I wonder if he's gonna stay around.

Maybe I should ask the community if they want to join the citizens of Free Free Planet. That'd be fun.

[very easily hackable]

...There's no way Kanna-san's gone. No way.

guess i'm not the winning girl
I miss flying.

forward-dated post-virus
least popular key haremette!?
I just did an image search on my name.


There's like nothing.

a stray dog is my bff. is that sad?
This journal is currently being used for dramadramaduck. If you belong to a game this Kano was in before, please defriend if you don't want to be spammed with stuff from someone else's game. (If you don't care, by all means, keep her.)

Relationship meme!
lolol i mean awww
Because I needa do one. Comment to find out how Kano views your character/s.

Long-overdue meme
lolol i mean awww
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