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This child is mine. She is my treasure.

I would rather... by my own hands...

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least popular key haremette!?
So my awesome eternal rival is back and doesn't remember me. On top of that, his eternal rival, who isn't really awesome at all and is actually kinda creepy, is back and from the future and probably doesn't remember me, either.

This community is kinda confusing. I'm not sure whether I dodged a bullet or not.

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Whatever could you be going on about?

My awesome eternal rival?

Your awesome eternal rival is a 'what'?

By the way, who is he?

A person? I don't get what you're asking.

Battler-kun. He's made it his mission to prove that magic doesn't exist, while I want to prove that it does, so we were awesome eternal rivals.

Oh nothing really Miss Kanorin.

He wants to prove the non-existence of magic? My, he has his work cut out for him.

The communtiy being confusing in this manner is new how?

If you want my thoughts on the manner. I'd think this over.

Can you think of any disadvantages to this situation?

You know whatever you choose to do has no effect on you, presently. Considering you're both in two different timelines apparently

However, I don't see how your rival could possibly think magic doesn't exist by the very existance of this 'blogsite'

What do you mean, whatever I choose to do?

Long story.

Well, you know the outcome. So, this situation is for the most part under your control.

Although, if your rival is from an alternate future. You could ask him questions to see what happened. FAIRIES!

I remember Beatrice from two months ago! It seems like she's still the same as usual. Pretty, cackling...and always thinkin' that she's in control.

You thought she was creepy? I thought she was funny...for a witch. You know they don't always come with a sense of humor.

Have you ever met another witch?

They're not that uncommon. Where I'm from, they usually are able to employ foxes or snakes to do what they want. Lots of time they settle on curses! Other than that, they're mostly bitter people.

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