lolol i mean awww

This child is mine. She is my treasure.

I would rather... by my own hands...

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[backdated to the night of her last post; I didn't want to spam your flists
a stray dog is my bff. is that sad?

I'm sorry, guys. For worrying you all. I'm fine now. I saw all kinds of things... but it's a secret! A really huge, important secret! Actually, it's not. I just thought it'd sound better that way.

But, hey, hey! Magic and curses and magical beings really do exist! Even Sis believes me now. She saw everything I saw. I owe a lot to Yukito-kun and Kamio-san, huh?

Even if I can't go to the sky right now, I like being here in Kasumi, too.

[locked to friends, easily hackable]

I didn't find her, but that doesn't mean she wasn't here. And I... saw my mom, but I didn't apologize for being born.

"You don't have wings, so be happy down there", huh? You guys were right. I'm happy to be here after all.

  • 1 really went to the sky?

I'm not sure. One minute, I was running away, and the next, I was at the shrine, but I wasn't at the shrine. Then I heard some voices, and I was in the sky... or it looked like the sky.

I saw my mom. I really did.

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