lolol i mean awww

This child is mine. She is my treasure.

I would rather... by my own hands...

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One last letter
guess i'm not the winning girl
Everyone... I'm writing this because I know you'll believe me.

I've finally decided to go to the sky. I have a feeling that, if I do this, everyone will be happy.

I feel that, along with my mom and dad, I'll also meet the girl Yukito-kun was looking for. It's Kanna-san. She was from here all along, a thousand years ago -- it was in the books and everything. I don't know when it'll be, but I'll bring her back with me, definitely.

I've told Yukito-kun to help Sis out until I get back, so don't worry about that. She's always pushing herself, even if she doesn't show it.

P.S.: Karen-san, I'm sorry for the bruises on your neck, even though they've gone away by now.

(Moving into the end of Kano's arc late, because I suck. There'll be one last post later on to finish it up. Kano won't be responding, so talk amongst yourselves.)

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