lolol i mean awww

This child is mine. She is my treasure.

I would rather... by my own hands...

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[possessed] blood and fainting

Notes for Psychics: Up until August-September 2010, Kano was possessed. The spirit within her has since been freed.

What's Okay To Mention Around Her: Anything.

Abilities: Until recently, Kano believed herself to have dormant magical abilities that will awaken upon "becoming an adult". This is untrue. She's just a normal girl, although she does seem to be able to speak with animals.

Shapeshift/Bodyswap/Slash: Shapeshift and bodyswap are fine if you clear things with me first. Kano is straight as a straight thing but you can try anyway.

Maim/Murder/Death: Injury is fine. Death is only fine in events with an auto-resurrect.

Kissing/Hugging/Badtouch: Allowed. She's a minor haremette who loses the guy. She needs all the love she can get.


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