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This child is mine. She is my treasure.

I would rather... by my own hands...

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Call Kano. Or something.

OOC: sensitive subject post
[child] imminent doom
I should have done this when I was actually going through her canon, but the cast of The Hunger Games just did their own posts like this, so better late than never... aha. orz

AIR, while not as full of hot buttons as other canons with which Kano shares her game, does cover a number of sensitive topics, including: suicide (attempted and successful), murder, disownment, amnesia, abandonment, and debilitating illness culminating in the death of a teenage girl. It is also based on an eroge, but I've taken Kano from the anime, which is completely clean and follows the story path of another haremette rather than Kano.

Comment here to tell me whether or not you're okay with Kano mentioning these things to your character. Canon is over, so it shouldn't be that much of a problem, but the events of the past summer have left enough of an effect on her that she won't just pretend it never happened.

[possessed] blood and fainting
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[locked to friends]
w-well o//////o
So, uh. I got Water Filter-san's wand.

What do I do with it?

least popular key haremette!?
So my awesome eternal rival is back and doesn't remember me. On top of that, his eternal rival, who isn't really awesome at all and is actually kinda creepy, is back and from the future and probably doesn't remember me, either.

This community is kinda confusing. I'm not sure whether I dodged a bullet or not.

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guess i'm not the winning girl
Why is everyone I meet crazy?

[backdated to the night of her last post; I didn't want to spam your flists
a stray dog is my bff. is that sad?

I'm sorry, guys. For worrying you all. I'm fine now. I saw all kinds of things... but it's a secret! A really huge, important secret! Actually, it's not. I just thought it'd sound better that way.

But, hey, hey! Magic and curses and magical beings really do exist! Even Sis believes me now. She saw everything I saw. I owe a lot to Yukito-kun and Kamio-san, huh?

Even if I can't go to the sky right now, I like being here in Kasumi, too.

[locked to friends, easily hackable]

I didn't find her, but that doesn't mean she wasn't here. And I... saw my mom, but I didn't apologize for being born.

"You don't have wings, so be happy down there", huh? You guys were right. I'm happy to be here after all.

One last letter
guess i'm not the winning girl
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(Moving into the end of Kano's arc late, because I suck. There'll be one last post later on to finish it up. Kano won't be responding, so talk amongst yourselves.)

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guess i'm not the winning girl
He's looking for a girl with wings?

I wonder... nah.


[possessed] headspin in 3...2...1
*Because of that last post where people insisted that something was wrong with her, Kano has set the computer up to videotape herself. This is, so far, really boring; for five minutes or so, you just see her sitting in a chair doing homework.

Then her eyes go blank. She starts mumbling things that make no sense, things about trees and feathers and mountains. She stands up, shoving down the chair she'd been sitting on, and stumbles out of the room, covered in a blue glow.

The computer just records her room for another fifteen to twenty minutes. Finally, something happens; a sleepy Kano is dragged back into her room by three other people. The video shuts off and posts automatically.*


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