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I would rather... by my own hands...

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[locked to friends]
w-well o//////o
So, uh. I got Water Filter-san's wand.

What do I do with it?

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You know, the crazy one who keeps going on about purity like she's protesting sex ed in schools. Or like she's a water filter commercial. Hence the name.

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Wait. You have Bellatrix's magic wand!?

Don't tell the whole world! She's gone more ballistic than usual!

Gee, I wonder why. Speaking of which, that was sarcasm.

Well, if I where you. I'd use the magic wand. Just not in her presence and never let out that I was the one who had her magic wand.

Don't worry. My lips are sealed. FAIRIES!

I tried that already and a cloud of smoke blew up in my face.

Oh... Well, prehaps you, yourself don't have any magical ablities. If you did I would give you lessons -

Rub it in, why don't you.

Sorry! I'm surpise there wasn't a fairy wand running loose around on here. You'd think with all of this, there would be.

I bet if you keep trying. You'll find magic somehow.

Do you see me giving up? Let me answer that for you. NO!

Yeah, you're right about that.

What of yours did she end up with? Mmm?

We could play keep-away and hide it in different peoples' worlds until she finds it.

She's already having a rabid fit.

I like making her mad, but I don't wanna die.

Yeah, dying pretty much sucks.

Take my word for it then.

Will do. And she's kiiiiiiind of a psycho.

A psychotic water filter?

That sounds like someone forgot to change her filter stone and now everything that come out of her mouth is green and gross~

I have no idea how water filters actually work, but that sounds good to me! Just like her.

[... ffffff okay that's actually pretty clever]

Well, she keeps going on about purity.

I know; I read your other threads. Not a bad joke.

Thanks! I'm kinda proud of it. How'd you get in here, anyway? Don't tell me the community broke the lock. If she sees it, I'm so dead.

OH GOD I'M SORRY I totally missed the "locked to friends" part 8( Want me to delete?

I thought it was on purpose! No, don't worry. Kano's running Windows 98, I doubt she can lock anything properly.

Nah, if I had wanted Azula to get past a lock somehow I would have asked. :P Thanks for dealing with my mistake, though!

I didn't see a lock at all.

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